Monday, July 5, 2010

The Passport

Today the Lord got Ruth the passport!! The crazy lady there would not give it to them at 11am or 2pm even in the driving rain storm that they were outside in. I felt in my heart that the Lord was going to do it. I prayed while Ruth waited and she got it! The Lord did it. She should be coming home at 730pm on Wednesday!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Having Fun In Kiev

Ruth and Luda are enjoying the Hyatt in Kiev! They are eating well, swimming inside, and shopping. Ruth had an interesting encounter with a Christian at the pool. Her name was Olea which means Faith. Her room number was 511 which is Ruth's birthday and a number that has always recurred in Ruth's life. The woman encouraged her in the adoption. It seemed like a clear message from the Lord that He is with her anywhere and everywhere.
They are now basically just waiting for the Passport. It prayerfully will be ready on Thursday. If it is then they can come home Saturday!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Back on The Move!!

Ok. Ruth and Luda are on the move! Today the Lord performed a miracle. Ruth, Luda, and Yuri got up at 630am, had breakfast, and then went to the court house at 8am to pickup the court decree. It was ready and then they went to the orphanage to check Luda out for the last time. That went smooth and quickly; then they went to the social worker for final paperwork. By 9am they left for a 4-5 hour drive to Sudak to get the birth certificate. They made it in 3 hours.

They got the new birth certificate (with her new name on it Hannah Luda Viehman) in 30 minutes! This is world record time. Next they drove back to Simferopol and went to the notary and then to get a federal ID number. They were racing the clock to be at the passport office by 4pm. They made it at 3pm which is incredible. They were in and out in 30 minutes; another miracle.

Now they are on a plane to Kiev! They will stay in a Hyatt which is going to be nice. They have to wait until next week to pick up the pport and then start the final phase. This was an impossible day to get it all done but the Lord truly parted the Red Sea!! Nothing moves that fast or efficient there. Everyone thank and praise Jesus and the Father!

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Court Verdict!

Yesterday we went to court at 11am. There was a judge, 2 jurors, and 2 staff along with the orphanage director, social worker, and our family and facilitator. They asked us questions even Luda. It only took 1.5hrs. They then made us wait for the "verdict" for 20 minutes. We went back into the room and they announced that Luda was now ours!!! Praise Jesus for this! It was a very short time and the judge did both parts back to back. Everyone is ecstatic with joy.

Brendan, Cameron, and I are back in Kiev. We have to get a few documents signed and then we come home tomorrow. We will arrive at 730 pm in Wilmington. Ruth and Luda will be at the Bible camp for another 9 days and then begin the final paperwork before coming home. Ruth should be home around the 6th of July.

It was very hard to leave Ruth, Luda, and all the kids. We were able to give the Gospel tracts to many kids, 2 cab drivers, 1 lady at the place we lived for 2 weeks, a tour guide, a girl in Yalta who worked for the hotel to organize games with the kids, and a Jehovah Witness family we "ran into." We also gave out a few Russian bibles we bought. Please pray for all of these people and the kids to be saved. See you soon!! Pray also for Ruth and Luda!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Day # 33 Evpatoria

We are now in Evpatoria at the orphan Bible camp. We will be here until the court date Monday morning at 10am. Please pray. This is the big one. After this the boys and I will start the journey home through Kiev and Ruth will stay at the camp with Luda for the 10 day wait period.

Greg & Ruth

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day #24&25 Yalta

We continue to rest and have fun in Yalta. We went to the beach, McDonald's, and the pool with a big water slide. Tomorrow we take a tour in the am of some famous palaces, one where the Yalta conference took place after WWII. Thank you again the LORD our God!
Greg & Ruth

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day #23 Yalta

We are on vacation in Yalta! Thank you Jesus! We went to the beach, swam in the pool, and walked on the boardwalk. The food is a buffet so we can choose what we want to eat. What a blessing these simple things are now. We will be here until the 10th and then go back to meet Luda and the kids at camp. Today is another day at pool and beach since weather is nice. Sightseeing later in week. Resting! I am glad we got to see this place. It's gorgeous.
Greg & Ruth